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All (most of) Dafinauts need to know


Total DAFI Staked

This is the total DAFI staked across the entire network by the community.

Your DAFI Staked

How much DAFI you have locked in a Super Pool for staking. The minimum stake amount is 2500 DAFI, with an initial lock-period of 30 days.


Demand Factor

Super Staking uses a set of on-chain and off-chain metrics to determine a variable called demandFactor on which is based most of the calculations.

Reward Distribution

Max Distribution

The maximum of reward distributed in a certain period if demandFactor remains at the maximum value the whole time (1.0 for V1).

Actual Distribution

The actual amount of reward adjusted to demandFactor.

Reward Multiplication

For normal staking programs, early stakers are rewarded by an excessive token amount at the beginning; sometimes the APY can go up to a few thousands percent in the initial short period. Super Staking, conversely, reward increases as network demand increases. A problem derived from that implementation is that the reward can be very low at the beginning which discourages early adopters. We aim to tackle that with reward multiplication.

The idea is fairly simple, final reward of the user is multiplied by the latest demandFactor and divided by the demandFactor at staking time (the earlier/lower the better).

Demand Factor at Staking

The demand factor when users stake are recorded to later used at unstaking/claiming time.

Demand Factor at Unstaking/Claiming

The latest demandFactor at the unstaking time.


The quantity which your current-rewards would change to at peak demand, i.e. Potential Rewards. Similarly, Potential APY indicates the dDAFI reward rate if demand reached it’s peak and multiplied rewards.


As of now, users might have noticed that we love our early adopters. But we also love our loyal stakers. To encourage users to remain staked as long as possible, we charge a 25% fees on every unstaking/claiming action and distribute on a pro-rata basis to current stakers. This is a game-theory mechanism that simply means other users have to pay you some of their rewards, in order to exit.

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