Introducing evolved reward-models

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Rewarding users with more quantity as an economy increases in growth, utility and adoption. This makes communities properly incentivized without large inflation rates, and also enables actual social rewards. DAFI is introducing game-theory to all token economies.

Robust decentralization

As dTokens modify their quantity depending on the stress of the network, it becomes harder for single-users to damage the economy, especially when the market is fragile. This enhances decentralization & growth.

The DAFI token

For other protocols to join DeFi 2.0, and to bootstrap TVL & Liquidity without large token emission, DAFI tokens are required. Initially the DAFI token will be used on an integration-based (whitelabels) model but eventually towards Dec/Jan we will begin to support volume-based utility, where each tx in a dToken pool collects DAFI in fees. This can sustain the dDAFI reward pool whilst the token becomes deflationary in the long-term. This promotes scarcity in the supply, whilst growing the economy.

Limitless Applications

While Super Staking is the first use case of dTokens, it is only the start. The next use cases include new dToken reward flavors, multi-staking, synthetic airdrops, prediction-markets, social dTokens and more.

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