Pool Weights

Lightweight weights

Super Staking Weights

Like most Staking models, the program can indeed run for certain time-periods. For v1 dDAFI we will likely run the program for 1 month, before extending it further.

To create a lightweight architecture, we’re able to track users rewards through weights.

currentPoolWeight=(distributePerSecondβˆ—currentTime–lastCalculatedTime)/totalStakedcurrentPoolWeight = (distributePerSecond * currentTime – lastCalculatedTime) / totalStaked

It calculates how much dDAFI is being distributed within the elapsed time per staked DAFI across the entire pool. It is then added to an ongoing pool weight.

accumulatedPoolWeight=lastAccumulatedWeight+newWeightaccumulatedPoolWeight = lastAccumulatedWeight + newWeight

Each time any user behaves within the protocol, by staking, unstaking or claiming, the weight is recalculated for the whole network. One user simply acts, and everyone is synchronised.

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