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What is the story of DAFI?

DAFI was inspired after a winter of research into the science behind Bitcoin. This was put into a thesis, and then execution. The next stage is adoption & building out new products on the base-technology. Really, the potential is limitless, and eventually every/most protocol can adopt this.

What is a dToken?

A dToken can be visualised as a fragment of a network. It is created from the actual token, and then distributed as a reward.

The cool thing is that they can split & multiply if they sense demand in the network has risen. Similarly, they can reduce & make themselves scarce, if the network falls in value. Simply, you can put your dTokens to work!

What can a dToken be used for?

In short, pretty much anything.

They enable every community, blockchain and application to adopt game-theory mechanics.

Maybe you're an NFT project that wants to reward your collectors, cool! Let's create a dToken which will reward the supporters more if the community grows, or the NFT's minted/transacted rises.

Perhaps you're a gaming application that wants to support rewards without an inflationary design, smart! You can launch a dToken for Bitcoin or Ethereum and reward gamers only as their rank/reputation rises.

It's most likely that you're a protocol that needs to acquire liquidity, and reward stakers, without burning your finite treasury. It's hard to compete with unsustainable reward rates. The weapon to this, is that you can simply lock some of your tokens to back a dToken, distribute it via a Staking pool, and see your user-retention & acquisition grow without devaluing your economy. In fact, the long term users get the maximum rewards.

What is Super Staking?

Staking for a dToken as a reward, if the demand in the network increases, so do the rewards for all users. This became the first time that an intelligent Staking model was deployed. Initially, dDAFI went onto v1 mainnet in June 2021. This saw a peak TVL of the DAFI token at $7.5m USD locked by the community. Compared to normal staking programs, token emission was reduced by approximately 80%. In November, other projects can adopt Super Staking as a service, by using DAFI tokens as a fee.

How can I get involved?

Join thousands of other Dafinauts in the reinvention of every network. The Telegram is a cool place, and Twitter & Discord are okay too.

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