Audit v1

Two successful contract audit reports by Omniscia and Block Apex.

Omniscia Audit

Super Staking passed an audit report by Omniscia, a leader in security audits. Most of the suggested modifications were to keep the system lightweight with low-gas consumption. All suggestions to the codebase were acted upon.

The remaining comments mentioned in regards to the duration of the Staking Program, and mentions to a manual-supply configuration & functionality changes once the program ends. It was later made clear to Omniscia that Super Staking is designed to be customisable, to support dToken creation in a plug-and-play manner. For this reason, program duration can be manually extendible, which is key to the design, rather than a flaw.

You can read the full report, here.

We will gradually add more features to Super Staking, including new Super Pools, new demand-metrics and more.

Block Apex Audit

Super Staking passed a second audit report in August by an independent security firm. They performed a filtered audit, which returned no major issues. The Super Staking architecture was found to be robust & secure. The main feedback was in supporting some mathematical changes to the dToken reward distribution, which was already being worked on & implemented.

You can read the full report here.

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