dDAFI Claiming

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Fragmented timeframes

As the weight accumulates, when a user decides to claim their rewards, we can extract it from the weight.

Where DPS = Distribute per second, US = User Stake, TS = Total Network Stake, UR = User Reward, and n = Time in seconds

We can calculate the user reward within a timeframe, as a to b where b > a

Where n = 1 to a,

Where n = 1 to b,

When a user initiates an action in the network, where a = n > 1, we calculate n from 1 to a. When the same user initiates an action again, we calculate from 1 to b, and subtract the previous 1 to a. This can be represented as :

A user's reward between timeframe a and b can be calculated accurately as:

where n = 1 to b, and

where n = 1 to a

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