What's so 'Super' about it?


Super Staking can be thought of as Staking 2.0, where you get more than simple token rewards. Instead, you receive dTokens which grow alongside the network. As a network becomes more adopted your dTokens multiply in reward quantity.

Until now, every inflation model including PoS, Liquidity Mining, Farming and Staking was inherently flawed. Users take on high-risk which can only be matched with protocol’s emitting huge token quantities.

Super Staking instead, converts volatility in the market demand into reward quantity. No longer will users have to be diluted through large inflation rates which devalue the protocol. Say goodbye to being forced to exit the network you love to cope with a fluctuating market. Your long-term commitment to the success of a protocol can properly be rewarded, you finally become an actual part of the network.

This is the core-layer which we can use to soon build multi-staking & social staking. Over the coming months, DAFI will be able to be staked for other flavors of crypto-assets. In Dec/Jan we are launching a platform which will become the accelerator for onchain adoption, enabling any token to create it's own dToken form, in just a few steps.

A quick take on dDAFI

The first of many synthetic rewards, which are tied to network demand factors.

As Super Staking is designed to be highly customizable, the demand metrics which dTokens are pegged to, can change.

Examples include – Number of wallet holders, number of NFT transactions for liquidity, number of nodes in a protocol, even the amount of social followers for creators & communities.

These demand metrics can be mixed as a cocktail to create a more complex dToken. Alternatively, they can be more simple, with only one metric, which offers a more prediction-like market, depending on the desired use-case.

Protocols can even create several dTokens, each with their own demandFactors, used within their desired utility. The applications are vast, and DAFI is able to support many in the next product launches.

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