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dBridge Audit

Two security audit for DAFI's cross-chain bridge (Binance Smart Chain)

Omniscia Security Audit

Omniscia has performed a security audit on the cross-chain dBridge, including a manual code-review. The findings were primarily gas-optimization, while passing relatively good security tests. The main finding about the dBridge not being compatible for tokens such as Tether were not relevant, as the dBridge has been built primarily for DAFI tokens. You can read the full security report here.

Block Apex Security Audit

DAFI recently passed a smart contract audit by BlockApex, where the entire architecture and code-base was tested for security, performance, and gas-optimisation. There were no high-risk issues found in the audit, and it functions as expected. Some key changes added include optimisation for newer chains, you can read the full audit here.

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