Limitless Applications

Maximised incentives for users

What's coming next?

Super Staking will already be made compatible across multiple chains, supporting all tokens on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Polygon to create their own dToken. It is designed to be plug-and-play, supporting limitless applications with reduced inflation.

Multiple Flavors

Built on top of Super Staking, we can soon enable partner protocols to launch their own Super Pool. The entry to the pool would involve staking their native-token, in return for their dToken flavor as a reward. Each action in the pool will collect DAFI as a fee, which reduces circulating supply, this is deposited to support the dDAFI v1 and v2 pools, boosting rewards.

This is the long-term direction of utility for the DAFI token, to bring multi-token staking through network demand alive. Making staking, liquidity and user acquisition possible without uncontrollable token emission.

Social Staking

Staking in return for dTokens tied to events, bringing incentives to the growing world of all social communities & gaming.

Communities are everywhere. Influencers, sports, and artists will eventually be able to create dTokens to reward users by making them a part of a shared mission

Prediction Markets

Combining predictions with staking to offer a new-realm of experiences. Enabling users to speculate & predict on different markets & tokens by simply staking in a Prediction Super Pool.

This can later be used to create dToken Liquidity programs (Super Liquidity) which can also be used for protocol-owned liquidity, but in a far more efficient manner. It simply allows protocols to purchase/acquire TVL and Liquidity, without a high token-expense, like the pre-existing farming models that we aim to obliterate.

By creating Super Pools tied to different predictions, users could stake their tokens and receive maximum incentives if their prediction is correct - fun, right?

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