Staking DAFI

Using the token

You can participate in the next-generation of network incentives, by staking DAFI for dDAFI rewards here.

You can connect your wallet to the highly-intuitive design & features.




Total DAFI Staked

This is the total DAFI staked across the entire network by the community.

Fees Collected

Total fees collected and redistributed to active users. Each time someone decides to exit, a withdrawal fee is applied to convert dDAFI rewards into DAFI. This is currently set at 25%, the dDAFI fees are sent back to the rewards pool and later redistributed to active-users in the system. Over time, you will accumulate a portion of other users fees.

Your DAFI Staked

How much DAFI you have locked in a Super Pool for staking. The minimum stake amount is 2500 DAFI, with an initial lock-period of 10 days.


Your accumulated, unclaimed dDAFI rewards. These will change depending on the distribution rates, as well as the demand of the network multiplying your quantity.


The quantity which your current-rewards would change to at peak demand, i.e. Potential Rewards. Similarly, Potential APY indicates the dDAFI reward rate if demand reached it’s peak and multiplied rewards.

Super Staking is designed to be a highly-customisable, novel reward model which incentivizes users without simple-token inflation.